Arctic Guide Course

The Arctic Guide training provides you with information concerning the special features and significance of the travel industry in Lapland. It will provide you with skills for performing, leading groups and working responsibly in nature – in an Arctic operating environment.

The virtual Arctic Guide training consists of six modules. You can complete the modules from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a working Internet connection. All of the material and exercises are available in digital format.


MODULE 1: Travel Industry

This module discusses the travel industry worldwide as well as in Finland. The goal is to make you understand the significance of the tourism industry in Lapland. Safety is an important feature to consider within the travel business, so this module will also teach you about the safety value chain approach and the networks that programme service companies operate in. Goals: You understand the significance and special features of the tourism industry in Lapland. You understand the value chain approach to safety You understand the significance of networks in the operation of programme service companies Contents: Global tourism Tourism in Finland The tourism industry in Lapland The value chain approach to safety Cooperation networks Lessons: Lesson 1 - Travel Industry Lesson 2 - Operators Network, Safety Value Chain


MODULE 2: Nature and People of Lapland

This module will teach you about the nature and culture of Lapland. You will learn about the natural phenomena in the Arctic region and the special characteristics of nature in Lapland. The goal is also to learn about life in Lapland and learn to appreciate it. You will use storytelling to deepen your knowledge of Lapland. Goals: You know the natural phenomena and nature in the Arctic region. You know and appreciate the culture and life in Lapland. Contents: Natural phenomena: snow and winter, northern lights, midnight sun Nature and waterways in Lapland The population, history and culture of Lapland Reindeer and reindeer herding Huskies and other animals Santa Claus Storytelling Lessons: Lesson 1 - Lapland InfoLesson 2 - My Lapland Story


MODULE 3: Responsibility within the Programme Services Industry.

This module looks at responsible activities within the programme service industry. The goal is for you to learn about the legislation regulating the activities and your rights and duties as an employee. The module also discusses the principles of sustainable development in order to allow you to perform responsibly in different natural environments, while also adhering to everyman's right. Goals: You identify the legislation, regulations and recommendations related to the programme service industry. You know the rights and duties of an employee. You know how to act responsibly in natural environments. You know the everyman's right. Contents: Laws that regulate the programme service industry Responsible tourism The rights and duties of an employee Occupational safety Everyman's right Customer safety Lesson: Lesson 1 - Responsibility within the Programme Services Industry


MODULE 4: Cold Protection

In this module, you will gain insight into working in cold environment. The goal is for you to learn to work proactively under cold conditions. You will learn to understand the effects of winter conditions on the body, to protect your customers against the cold, and to guide them in recognising cold exposure. Goals: You understand the effects of winter conditions on the body. You know how to work proactively under cold conditions. You can protect yourself against the cold. You can instruct your group in cold weather recognition, cold protection and treating cold exposure. Contents: The cold and its effects on the body Proactive protection against the cold Working in the cold Lessons: Lesson 1 - The Cold and its Effects on the Body Lesson 2 - Basics of Proactive Protection Against the Cold Lesson 3 - Identify, Prevent and Monitor the Symptoms of Cold


MODULE 5: Group Leading and Presentation Skills.

n this module, you get to solve tricky situations that a guide may encounter. At the same time, you learn about leading customer groups and intercultural communication during guiding scenarios. Guides need to be able to present themselves convincingly but in an entertaining manner. The module will allow you to practice and develop your own presentation and language skills. Goals: You can lead customer groups and solve problems. You can present yourself convincingly and take different scenarios and cultures into account. Contents: Leading different customer groups Problem-solving Presentation Skills Cross-Cultural and Language Skills Lessons: Lesson 1 - Group Leading Lesson 2 - Cross-Cultural and Language SkillsLesson 3 - Presentation Skills: Video & Self-Assessment


MODULE 6: Snowmobiling

The module focuses on snowmobiling, including snowmobile control and providing safe guide services during snowmobile safaris. Goals: You understand the importance of anticipation in traffic You can control a snowmobile You can guide a snowmobile safari Contents: Legislation Traffic risks Snowmobile control Snowmobile safari progression Actions under special conditions Lessons: Lesson 1 – Introduction to Snowmobiling Lesson 2 Video – Snowmobile Safari