MODULE 5: Group Leading and Presentation Skills

In this module, you get to solve tricky situations that a guide may encounter. At the same time, you learn about leading customer groups and intercultural communication during guiding scenarios. Guides need to be able to present themselves convincingly but in an entertaining manner. The module will allow you to practice and develop your own presentation and language skills.

You can lead customer groups and solve problems.
You can present yourself convincingly and take different scenarios and cultures into account.

Leading different customer groups
Presentation Skills
Cross-Cultural and Language Skills

Lesson 1 – Group Leading
Lesson 2 – Cross-Cultural and Language Skills
Lesson 3 – Presentation Skills: Video & Self-Assessment

Here, you will find the source material used for Module 5. You can use it to easily find additional information related to the different topics:
Sources and Links: Module 5

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