MODULE 3: Responsibility within the Programme Services Industry

This module looks at responsible activities within the programme service industry. The goal is for you to learn about the legislation regulating the activities and your rights and duties as an employee. The module also discusses the principles of sustainable development in order to allow you to perform responsibly in different natural environments, while also adhering to everyman’s right.

You identify the legislation, regulations and recommendations related to the programme service industry.
You know the rights and duties of an employee.
You know how to act responsibly in natural environments.
You know the everyman’s right.

Laws that regulate the programme service industry
Responsible tourism
The rights and duties of an employee
Occupational safety
Everyman’s right
Customer safety

Lesson 1 – Responsibility within the Programme Services Industry

Here, you will find the source material used for Module 3. You can use it to easily find additional information related to the different topics:
Sources and Links: Module 3

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