MODULE 1: Travel Industry

This module discusses the travel industry worldwide as well as in Finland. The goal is to make you understand the significance of the tourism industry in Lapland. Safety is an important feature to consider within the travel business, so this module will also teach you about the safety value chain approach and the networks that programme service companies operate in.

You understand the significance and special features of the tourism industry in Lapland.
You understand the value chain approach to safety
You understand the significance of networks in the operation of programme service companies

Global tourism
Tourism in Finland
The tourism industry in Lapland
The value chain approach to safety
Cooperation networks

Lesson 1 – Travel Industry
Lesson 2 – Operators Network, Safety Value Chain

Here, you will find the source material used for Module 1. You can use it to easily find additional information related to the different topics:
Sources and Links: Module 1

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