MODULE 2: Nature and People of Lapland

This module will teach you about the nature and culture of Lapland. You will learn about the natural phenomena in the Arctic region and the special characteristics of nature in Lapland. The goal is also to learn about life in Lapland and learn to appreciate it. You will use storytelling to deepen your knowledge of Lapland.

You know the natural phenomena and nature in the Arctic region.
You know and appreciate the culture and life in Lapland.

Natural phenomena: snow and winter, northern lights, midnight sun
Nature and waterways in Lapland
The population, history and culture of Lapland
Reindeer and reindeer herding
Huskies and other animals
Santa Claus

Lesson 1 – Lapland Info
Lesson 2 – My Lapland Story

Here, you will find the source material used for Module 2. You can use it to easily find additional information related to the different topics:
Sources and Links: Module 2

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